Lynn's Tiaras are all one of a kind. If one sells we can make you another that is similar. Just ask!

Tiara 1
French paste arch with Deco central in interest, tailored and attractive for all formal occasions.
Tiara 2
Rhinestones and crystal, seen in "Elegant Bride", Spring 05'
Tiara 3
Silver and French paste, Bird of Paradise from the 1920's.
Tiara 4
Description coming
Tiara 5
Gold florets and leaves, central Baraque pearl.
Tiara 6
Description coming
Tiara 7
Gold filigree orchid center, framed with marquise French paste stones.
Tiara 8
Floral arrangement in old silver and French paste.
Tiara 9
Formal lines of engraved gold enhance by pearls.
Tiara 10
Description coming

Tiara 11
Description coming

Tiara 12
Aurora Borealis crystals and rhinestone sprays compose this headpiece.
Tiara 13
Stamped brass lilies of the valley, accented with pearls.
Tiara 14
Description coming
Tiara 15
Elegance in flowing lines-gold with stones.
Tiara 16
Description coming
Tiara 17
Pearl and gold loops.
Tiara 18
Striking composition of bone, wax, and porcelain flowers, antique satin ties at back.
Tiara 19
Marquese stones in classic silver arch.
Tiara 20
Pearlized fifties petals and leaves with wax pips.
Tiara 21
Two side of chignon clips. Top in gold and pearls. Lower, stamped metal lily of the valley and pearls.
Tiara 22
False ivory from the 1930's in a lacy arch of delicate flowers.
Tiara 23
Classic antique silver elements handsomely combine.
Tiara 24
Handmade pastel flowers and leaves, connected by gold wire and loops.
Tiara 25
Description coming
Tiara 26
Description coming
Tiara 27
Description coming
Tiara 28
Description coming


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